get your home ready for winter


May Bank Holiday – are you ready to tackle your  DIY projects? Do you want to?

May sees Cambridge at it’s best, with the start of so many exciting and tempting events and activities, such as Eat Cambridge, and the Cambridge Beer Festival.  Although bank holidays are traditionally used for tackling DIY projects; but DIY is not for everyone. There are some jobs that may be better left to the professionbals because of the risk involved, or the lenght of time of the project. Which can make DIY a false economy.

If you don’t want to get the toolbox out and head up a ladder this bank holiday or if you don’t have the skills, finding a local recommended professional is the best way to get the job done properly, leaving you time to enjoy the Cambridge festivities.

Now’s a perfect time to get your house in order and book an expert in plenty of time.  It’s time to think about your exterior to-dos, the fix-ups and repairs for the inside and outside of your home.  You may need a simple DIY repair or the attention of a specialist, but here are a few things to watch out for.

Sort out garden walls

When was the last time you checked your garden walls? After the winter months freezing conditions can cause the surface of the masonry to flake and erode making your wall unstable; poor pointing has the same affect. Other signs of damage include leaning and significant cracks.  And, it’s good to check that the finish on top of the wall is secure.  If you are not sure about the state of repair of your wall, get in touch with our recommended handymen who will answer your questions and provide help.

get your home ready for winter
Garden wall in need of repair

Smarten up exteriors

As soon as you see the outside paintwork beginning to crack, blister and peel, it’s time to apply a fresh coat.  Be warned though, ignoring these signs can lead to a much more expensive and extensive job later on.  Painting the outside of your home is satisfying on so many levels: it adds to the resale value, it look great, and it helps protect against weather damage.  It’s best done in the spring or autumn when temperatures are moderate – not too hot or too cold.  If you decide to take this on as a DIY invest carefully in good equipment, paints and time – it’s a labout intensive job.  Alternatively speak to one of our reliable decorators for help and advice.

make an impact

Fix up gutters

A broken gutter can seem insignificant at first, but can lead to much bigger problems – if a leak is pouring water onto a particular spot on the wall, it can lead to internal damp and mould, and ruin external plaster work or painting.  Our specialist in fascias, soffits and guttering will be able to repair damage and replace any broken parts.

DIY  - think carefully

Finding a good reliable person to help you with your DIY can be a hassle and it is always better to use someone who comes with a recommendaton Scuseme can put you in touch with local, vetted and experienced electricians who can help you with any problems or concerns.

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