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a home for wildlife with the blue tits in birdbox

How to create a home for wildlife

Bring wildlife home  You’ll soon be emerging from your lockdown hibernation and hopefully deciding what your next project will be.  But you’re not alone.  Birds

Cambridge Food Tours

Cambridge Food Tours

Cambridge Food Tour: Foodie Fun I have written much over the last three years about Cambridge’s growing food scene: from butchers to bakers, to innovative

Future proofing your home

The Inclusive Home

10 things you may not know about inclusive homes I take a lot of  interest in the design of an inclusive home because I have

what motivates your child

What motivates your child?

How understanding what motivates your child can help deal with exam stress It’s that time of the year when there is so much pressure on

Make fresh flowers last longer

How to create a lovely bouquet and make fresh flowers last longer I recently met Bridget Davidson, founder of Wild Rosamund, at the Cambridge Home

Dinner party success-free

How to keep your dinner party simple and tasty We all love the idea of inviting friends and family over for dinner but sometimes we