About Scuseme

What Is Scuseme?

Scuseme is an online marketplace where you can find personally vetted local tradespeople and home services: people who build and support your community.

How does Scuseme work?

We meet all our local tradespeople in person. We get to know them and check their references and experience. Then only the those who meet our standards of customer care and demonstrate a good record are invited to join us. We then share them with you, and we maintain an ongoing relationship with all our experts.

Furthermore, because we understand how important regular reviews are to you, we invite all our customers to share their experience and rate the traders after every job.

Why use scuseme, the benefits?

Our Mission

To connect you with reliable local tradespeople in your area so you find traders for life.

The Scuseme Story

I came to Cambridge over twenty years ago and I was lucky enough to find a home in the vibrant and diverse Mill Road area, at a time when the prices were affordable. I now feel very much, a part of that community. But it did take some time, and that forms the early seeds of the idea for Scuseme.

Coming from London, the pace seemed slow and a social life seemed a long way off. Back then I worked at the Science Park in Melbourn and although I met (and remain friends with) some great people, nearly everyone relied on cars, and I missed a spontaneous social life. The ghostly abandoned car park on a Friday evening always depressed me; where was the Friday night social? I struggled to find exciting and affordable places to eat and socialize. There was no Thirstyfest, FoodParks and innovative independent cafes offering music, yoga, and other activities. Cambridge has come a long way since then.

My neighbours were welcoming and great helping us get to know the area. And when our family life started, new friendships blossomed as they tend to. Gradually my neighbourhood became and remains my ‘village’ with all the great things that a small and intimate community brings with it. But this did take time because of work, commuting, travel and heading back to London perhaps too often.

One of the things that always takes time is knowing how to get things done. I would ask neighbours, colleagues, and friends for recommendations if I needed odd jobs sorted (my husband is useless at this stuff, although he maintains that by unplugging him from the mains one fateful afternoon when changing a broken bulb sealed our relationship). And of course, the internet soon became essential. But amassing a group of reliable and trust-worthy traders took a while and involved some costly mistakes. Ones that stand out include taking a plumber to the small claims court and having to get a chimney breast re-done because the plasterers did such a poor job on the damp-proofing.

So fast forward: two homes in Cambridge, a loft conversion, side extension, new kitchens, bathrooms and many other jobs, large and small, around the house. But it was in 2013 when we had new neighbours and I quickly became the person they called on for help. There were many examples. Could I recommend a local electrician, plumber or carpenter? Where do you recycle? What days are the local markets? But just as revealing was the fact that barely a day goes by when either I or someone I know will ask for or share a recommendation of a trader, service or place.

Although you can get this information from the internet, people prefer to get trusted recommendations. But if you are new to the area, where do you look for the trustworthy, local, independent traders? And even if you’re not, good traders are often in short supply.

That’s when I came up with the idea for Scuseme. I developed it to provide personally recommended traders to anyone looking for a service in and around Cambridge.

Our focus is on building a community service, inviting only traders who work in the Cambridge area and want to invest in a local customer base.

I started Scuseme by signing up tradespeople I used personally over the years; people I trust to deliver high standards. Since then I have expanded the team to cover a wide range of useful services; always maintaining the Scuseme ethos of meeting in person all traders, so when you use a Scuseme trader, it is just like asking a friend for a recommendation.

Scuseme now delivers recommended tradespeople and home services across many categories, from accountants to window repairs, and we cover many areas in and around Cambridge.

I hope Scuseme will be your new best friend in Cambridge.

Dawn Giesler
Founder & CEO

Dawn has lived and worked in Cambridge for nearly 25 years. She developed scuseme to provide an essential resource to help make life a little easier for Cambridge residents and businesses alike. Making the most of a background in marketing, PR and event management, Scuseme was born as a new way to connect people, forge a stronger community and nurture local talent.