Scuseme for Tradespeople

How scuseme works for Tradespeople

Are you a local, trustworthy and independent tradesman or tradeswoman with loyal customers? If so we’d love to hear from you. To be sure that you meet the scuseme tradesmen standards of customer satisfaction we ask that you provide up-to-date and independent testimonials. 


Set up a Profile

We meet in person, conduct careful checks and create your personal profile.


Show Support

Support scuseme and your business by responding promptly and professionally to the customer enquiries we send you.



Arrange to meet, send in quotes and start work.

Local Customers. Stronger Community. Future Opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You submit an application to join by registering on the website. Once registered your application is carefully considered to make sure you meets the scuseme tradesmen standard of customer satisfaction. Upon acceptance we ask you to provide up-to-date and independent testimonials, which we check at random.

Charges vary according to the service you provide, but you are only ever charged if you win work.  We do not charges for leads or ask for  monthly fees.  Contact 01223 520373 for details.

You can register more that one business provided they are independent, operate in the Cambridge area and meet the scuseme traders standard of customer satisfaction. Each business will be registered separately and incur independent costs. 

We promote different business categories using a range of marketing and PR strategies, including leaflets, social media, blogs, newsletters and advertising. scuseme does not promote individual companies.

All visitors to the site can see your business profile and general information. However, only subscribers get access to your full profile. People who make an enquiry get access to your contact details. 

We fully manage your profile for you – one less thing to worry about.
We appreciate all recommendations and are eternally grateful. One day we may offer rewards, but are not able to do so yet.
Once your service has been used by a customer they are encouraged to leave a review and rate your service. This is then added to your profile.
We will contact both parties to make sure the context is fully explored and will not post negative reviews if we feel they are unjustified.

All enquiries are sent by email. 

Scuseme is not a noticeboard directory of services so the only people who can see your full profile are customers making an enquiry about your trade.