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The way forward…..1-2-1 project management

Scuseme has been a great success in terms of its creation of a new and innovative way to link you, my customers, with trusted and reliable tradespeople.  I am so proud of what I have achieved with scuseme over the last seven years.  I addressed a real need in the community; I created a reputable and trusted brand, and I developed important partnerships with other businesses.  However, the pandemic has forced me to adapt the scuseme model.

Tradespeople have experienced unprecedented demands, with Covid and economics incentivising customers to look at home improvements rather than home moves.  Good for them but difficult to serve you effectively, with lengthening waiting lists making it difficult to provide the responsive service I built our reputation on, and I found it progressively more challenging to source available contractors.

A new way to make scuseme work 

In January 2022 using my network of contractors, my background in business, project, and event management, I set up scuseme residential project management to support individual clients.  I have now started to work exclusively with homeowners undertaking renovations; anything from a room makeover to a whole house refurbishment.  I love it and every one of my clients has been delighted with the service. I offer the skills, experience, and resources to guide you through the whole project management process from getting planning permission, prioritizing tasks, identifying suitable layouts and options, appointing contractors, on-site client representation, and delivering the optimal final touches.

Nonetheless, I understand how difficult it is to find reliable help and I am grateful to every one of you who trusted scuseme, so I will continue to provide a service in support of our project management initiative.

The website will remain live, and all enquiries will come to me and not individual contractors.  I will prioritise project management requests, and where I can, will help with others.

Client Testimonials 

Thank you so much for all your input to date, finding solutions, and excellent tradespeople and for your encouragement. I have really gained from your input. Jane ( Heating upgrade and total bathroom remodelling)

I would like to thank you very much for making our move to Cambridge so much easier than it would have been without your help. Having bought our house a few months before moving in meant we had time to do the refurbishment it required but moving to a new area where we didn’t know any tradespeople was a challenge. So having someone who could recommend builders, tilers, decorators, electricians etc and not only that but who could project manage the work because we weren’t local, was a lifesaver. We are delighted with what’s been done, the house looks really nice and was ready to move into, fresh and clean. I’m sure we’ll come to you if we have anything else to do in the future.  Penny & Tom (Town house refurbishment, with total bathroom and ensuite remodelling)

I first came across Dawn through a friend’s recommendation of Scuseme, as a way to get in touch with reputable and trusted builders. Instead of simply writing down a few phone numbers for me to sort through, I got an incredible and dedicated Project Manager! As a first-time buyer, I don’t think I had fully realised just how much I had bitten off when I bought an ageing flat in need of multiple different kinds of renovation, and I’m so happy I went for the PM option.

Her care and attention to detail were apparent from our very first encounter. She came to visit the place and listened to what I wanted done, making helpful suggestions and coming up with innovative ideas. She helped me figure out what my “must-haves” were, based on what my lifestyle involves. Then, she did the incredible job of translating my vague ideas into an actionable ‘Schedule of Works’ and contacted several builders to then give me a series of quotes.

She talked me through anything that was unfamiliar and made sure I fully understood all aspects of what was being proposed: given my unfamiliarity with this new world, she did so with a tremendous amount of patience.

With any renovation project, especially of older properties, there are always “surprises” along the way. Dawn dealt with any issue that came up quickly and with professionalism: she never phoned me with a problem unless she also had a solution, and, to the best of anyone’s ability, managed to keep the costs reasonable too.

The various tradespeople she found have been friendly, professional and always happy to give pertinent advice, drawing on their years of experience. Most importantly, they have done the work up to a very high standard.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dawn. Throughout the process, she has been nearly as excited about my flat as me! And, especially in the face of unexpected issues, that enthusiasm has kept me going. She spent so much time either with me or on my behalf poring over designs and coming up with ideas to send me: it made the whole process a lot more fun and LOT less painful than it could have been. The best part throughout has been knowing that she is only a phone call, text or email away.

As someone with almost no experience in the area, approaching the world of home renovations was rather daunting, but with Dawn, I always felt that I had someone on my side.

I can confidently say there is no way I would have been able to manage this renovation on my own, and I’m incredibly grateful to Dawn and the team she has found. I’m so happy with my flat and can’t wait for the final touches to be completed and to moving in.” Lalitha (Total flat renovation )

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Dawn Giesler, is the founder of scuseme Cambridge, an online community that helps your family run smoothly. She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advice based on her own experiences.  For more information about all the services and tradespeople they recommend, visit scuseme.  

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