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Business Overview

SINGING: Typically for 17 and over and piano and violin: taught to all ages



trader Introduction

SINGING: Typically for 17 and over. For beginners – breathing; posture; controlled supply of air to the vocal chords; resonance in the head and chest. For the more advanced, we will work at evenness of tone, freeing the jaw, improving the control of the soft palate, using the tongue for vowel sounds, not letting the consonants interfere with vowels, etc.
I will also work on words and the meaning and drama behind them, and the way that affects the sounds you might want to produce.
I offer a free half-hour initial consultation.
Qualifications: Studies with John Upperton (London) & Katharina Megli (Cambridge).
Post-graduate at St Petersburg Conservatoire 1995-7
Musical Director with Cambridge University Opera Society 1997-9
PIANO, VIOLIN: taught to all ages
References: Available on request from past and current pupils

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