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Business Overview

Dawn offers a residential project management service for Cambridge residents looking to undertake a home improvement project – anything from a room renovation to a whole house refurbishment. Friendly, an excellent communicator and well-organised, Dawn has acquired a wealth of experience working on home renovation projects in Italy, London, and Cambridge.  Through her business Scuseme, Dawn has built loyal and trusting relationships with local contractors, specialist suppliers, and tradespeople and are passionate about working with clients to realise their dream spaces.

trader Introduction

Scuesme Project Management Services

There is no doubt that undertaking a building project can be daunting and take a huge amount of time. In addition, finding the right tradespeople and making key decisions about planning your living space and future-proofing your home can be stressful. And finally, navigating the building planning regulations can create tension and lead to frustration.


I know this because I have experienced this on my own projects and while supporting my contractors via scuseme, and I can now offer my services as a project manager coordinator.  My number one priority is to give you a stress-free experience to realising your dream home.

Whether you are doing a whole house refurbishment or a room transformation I will help you realise your vision. I will work through options you may (or may not) have thought of, help you consider the optimal solutions of space, creativity, storage, future-proofing and so much more.

Together we can then work out the full scope of the project with budgets and timelines.

Using my network of tried and tested builders, tradespeople, and home service experts I will help you get the best people for your project and act as your single point of contact so you are not dealing with several contractors.

I will do everything the job requires to ensure your project is stress-free. This means I will make sure it runs smoothly and troubleshoot problems if they arise;  I love a challenge and finding solutions.  

I’m an excellent communicator and will ensure that you are kept fully informed every step of the way.  Overseeing your project I will manage the workflow, help you monitor the budget, and ultimately save you time and money in the long run.

Get in touch for a free 1-hour consultation, I’d love to hear about your project and share how I can help you.



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Dawn says:

I am excited to offer Scuseme Project Management Services.  Increasingly I received requests for dedicated assistance with home renovation and refurbishment projects, particularly since 2021 given the challenges homeowners face with finding in-demand local contractors post-COVID.  Some clients want recommended contractors, some advice about specific challenges, while others require full project coordination and management: Whenever possible I will offer this via scuseme, but there is a clear demand for a dedicated service I can also deliver.