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Business Overview

A highly experience history tutor who will also work with students to develop study skills.

trader Introduction

I offer tutor services up to A/2 level for history and politics. I taught in a successful history department for 35 years and ran an equally successful politics department for 25 years. I also have extensive experience as an examiner at G.C.S.E.,A/S and A/2 level. I have worked as a tutor for several years. It is important when offering tutor support that a student’s needs are clearly seen and that a coherent, structured programme is developed to fully prepare the student for the academic challenges ahead. Work set and targets are relevant and realistic. I offer a support package which complements earlier learning and stresses the development of individual study skills to enable the student to become a more effective learner. I believe that parents/carers should be informed throughout the tutoring process about the nature of the sessions and progress made by the student.
I also offer a study skills scheme which has a relevance to all students. This is designed to support students to manage their studies and is based on work that I did for many years as a Sixth Form tutor and as a head of Sixth Form of 25 years. My professional role preparing and guiding students through the U.C.A.S. university application process also allows me to offer a package to help students to prepare a successful application with particular emphasis on the writing of a personal statement.

Areas Covered


Dawn says:

Richard is a very experienced and in demand tutor and examiner, who also provides expert advice in his role as our scuseme tutor co-ordinator.