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Hi James I’m looking for help with the following:- We have bought a LOFT sliding door from : https://exclusiveslidingdoors.co.uk that needs fitting. This is a small one compared to a wardrobe, height 818cm x 1345.- two photo frames to be put up – Plumbing: – Kitchen tap replacement- Fence painting – about 5m- Bike shed painting – about 3m by 3m- I have done a terrible work with sealant in kitchen. That needs to be removed and re-done. – Bathroom shows signs of mould; It would help if you can recommend what can be done about it, would leaving the fan on help? If so it would need separating out the light and fan switch.Let me know if you need more information on this or if you would like to visit to check on it. It would help us if you can give a quote and an idea on your availability

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