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HELLO, WE HAVE RECEIVED A QUOTATION FROM ANOTHER COMPANY AS FOLLOWS TO REPLACE OUR HOT WATER TANK WHICH IS RUSTING AND LIABLE TO BURST AT ANY TIME The current situation is that would recommend replacing the cylinder. The work that we would carry out is to protect the carpets, flooring and walls. We will isolate and drain the existing system before removing the cylinder and taking it away to be recycled. We will then supply and install a new Joule 300 litre unvented direct cylinder in the existing cylinder location. The new copper pipework will be installed with a new isolation valve from the mains water pipe to the combination valve. The cold water pipe to the cylinder will be installed with a new draincock. The hot water pipe will be run from the top of the cylinder to the existing hot water pipework. We will reuse the heating and hot water controls. We will fully test and commission the cylinder by filling with water. The cabling will be tested and then installed from the isolation switches to the immersion. The wiring will be fully tested before turning on and left to heat the water. We will carry out a hot water test on completion before filling out the manufacturers literature and certifying our work. The area will be cleaned in order to complete our works. CAN YOU DO THIS WORK PLEASE?

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