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Hello Graeme I hope everything is going well for you. I am writing to you as I have a couple of issues with an extractor fan and an above-mirror lamp and I hope that you will be able to fix them. Regarding the above-mirror lamp, the bulb might need changing but the more pressing issue is that the string to switch it on and off has completely snapped off at the root. Regarding the fan extractor, I think there might be a couple of issues. First, even while the fan was working, the string wouldn’t switch it on properly – when pulling it down, it wouldn’t ‘click’. But I also think the fuse or something might be gone! Let me know if this is something you are happy to look at and how much it would cost approximately. Look forward to hearing back from you. You can call me on +33 7 82 93 2364 (it is a French number, but I live in Cambridge) or my husband on 07 947 230 161. Best regards, Valeriya

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