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Hi, I am looking into options to get a cat flap installed in a glass door that connects the living room with the garden. The door is uPVC and double glazing. I think I may need one of these: – a hole for a cat flap in the existing panel, if this is something that can be done (double glazing with bars); – a new double glazing unit with the hole for the cat flap already made into the glass, if this exists or can be done; – a new double glazing unit with a bottom panel that is not glass (uPVC perhaps?) where the hole for the cat flap can be made. Based on your description, it looks like this something you can help with and I would very pleased to hear from you. If this is something you are not interested in, could you please reply anyway so I can move on to ask other tradesmen or start to look into doing this myself? Thank you and best wishes, Violeta

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Cherry Hinton

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