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House renovation project manager – 6 savvy options

Who to hire as your home renovation project manager

Whether you decide to invest in a house renovation project manager for your home improvement will depend on two significant factors.  The size and scale of the project – particularly the level of major structural work or additions  – and your budget.

A house renovation project manager is responsible for managing the timing and phasing of the project. As anyone who has had any building work done knows, projects rarely run to schedule and unexpected problems often arise.  A good project manager will spot potential problems early and will make sure things go as smoothly as possible.  You must aim to find a project manager who will:

Help you achieve your perfect home, within your budget and time frame and without any of the hassle.

A major project such as a house extension, loft conversion, or home remodeling requires a lot of work. Therefore it would be prudent, for those who can afford it, to invest in a professional house renovation project manager to oversee the entire process.  Fortunately, there are several options available that represent a wide range of budgets, at your disposal.

1. Architect

You can hire an architect to oversee the entire project.  As your designer and project manager, their job is to take your existing space and create a new design of the structure that will address your functional needs.  Your architect will draw all the plans to include floor plans, a structural engineer brief if needed, and the detailed specifications for each room including electrics, lighting, plumbing, heating and finishes.

An architect project manager will add additional costs to your project, but you will be paying for a reduced stress experience.

Alternatively, you can use an architect solely for the design of the build, then employ someone else – such as an experienced building contractor, or an interior designer – to project manage the build.

2. Interior designer

Another option is to invest in the services of an interior designer to oversee the design, look, and feel of your home.  The interior designer’s role is to come up with a vision of the completed scheme and work with your contractors to realise your dream eg: furniture layouts, colour schemes, lighting & electrical layout.

3. An architectural technician or surveyor

If your project is relatively straight forward you have the option of employing an architectural technician or surveyor who can provide a limited project management role.  Unlike an architect, their brief will not include details such as furniture layout, traffic patterns, and focal points. Neither will their brief incorporate your design vision.

4. Design and build constructor

Some homeowners look to employ a constructor well-qualified with design and build to design your space, draw up, and help submit your plans.  There are key advantages which include, clearer communications, more accountability, faster project completion, better budget management, and quality control.  A good company will also have access to specialist companies, such as structural engineers, interior designers, and architects.

5. Site foreman

Once you have your design and plans you could employ a site foreman, someone who has a lot of experience in the trade to oversee the project and offer onsite management.  Your site foreman will be responsible for scheduling, coordinating and supervising the work of all site operatives, ensuring that all work is delivered safely on time and within budget along with managing equipment and materials required.

6. Self-manage

If, however, you are a good communicator, organized, and someone who pays great attention to detail then – provided you can carve out the necessary time during the project duration – you could save yourself a lot of money and take some control of your home building project.  It is difficult to emotionally distance yourself from the project and can be very stressful and will entail that you are available to engage with all your contractors at every stage of the project.

With all of these options, it is good practice to leave the details of the electrical plans, bath, and kitchen to experts in their respective fields.

House renovation project manager: A good investment

There’s no doubt embarking on a major home renovation is an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting if you haven’t done it before.

You are investing a significant amount of money in your home, you want to be sure the result is exceptional and that you get value for money. To go through months of renovation work, to end up with an average result can be a frightening prospect, and worse still, if costs escalate out of control.  Against this background, a house renovation project manager is a wise investment.

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