No show rainbow

No show? Don’t worry, there’s light at the end of the rainbow

No-show nightmares

It’s more than frustrating waiting for someone to show who then doesn’t, especially if you have put time aside and waited in. You have a no show nightmare.  We put a lot of store in good communication at scuseme, and I badger my team about keeping in regular touch with their customers (something that doesn’t come naturally to all of them).

We do pretty well overall, even if it’s only a call or a text to report on progress.  But best-laid plans can change on occasions, so if one of my team has to change their plans at the last minute, it’s important that you are informed.  You may not be happy with it, but at least you know.

Of course, it’s far from ideal if such changes are made, but sometimes this can’t be helped.  I can think of a few (happily rare) occasions when a trader has had to make a sudden diversion from a job or an appointment, nearly always for a good reason: a family bereavement or an injured child for example.  They should always let you know, but sometimes other priorities take over.  And because most of them work for themselves, they have no support network to pick up the pieces.

Personal experience

I remember four years ago when my mum became gravely ill.  Scuseme was just starting out and was in a delicate place.  It was my baby (still is) and needed tender care (still does).  But obviously, my mum was my priority and I had to leave with no notice to be by her side.  I set up an out of office message, found someone at short notice to handle the enquiries, and made a few urgent calls. But after that, scuseme was on its own.

I was blessed to have had six days with mum before she died.  I gave no thought to my work at this time and I am certain I missed appointments. I was a no show.  Some of my team have had similar experiences, sometimes needing to drop work for several months.

Shit happens

Not wanting to sound too depressing, some of the no show stories are a bit more light-hearted.  One of my traders had what appeared at first to be a simple plumbing job to complete.  However, at its root was a damaged sewage pipe.  By the time he’d finished he was behind schedule and had had no opportunity to alert his next customer to his late running.  Even had he been able to make the next appointment, he doubted very much whether they would have been overjoyed with his disheveled appearance and attendant odour.

Count on scuseme

But this doesn’t help you.  So this is where scuseme can step in.  I now ask all my traders to use me as a go-between in the rare cases that they have to change plans, cannot make appointments, and find it difficult to have discussions directly with customers to make their excuses.  I can make the call on their behalf so that you will always be kept abreast of what’s going on.  And equally, if you feel you have been let down by a no show and no-one has been in touch, then call me and I will try and find out what’s happening.

If the problem is a long term one, scuseme will always try and find a solution – providing an alternative trader if necessary.

Life happens.  But at least with scuseme, we can work with you to keep the surprises down to a minimum and to at least ensure that you know what’s going on every step of the way.

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