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Paving contractors in Cambridge – Why you can pave the way for winter

Paving your way

Good paving contractors in Cambridge are understandably busy all year round, with more demands on their time during the Spring and Summer months, but you could consider having your hardscape put in during the Autumn or Winter months.

Don’t wait for the Spring

People understandably start thinking about works to their gardens in Spring when they first venture back outdoors.  But surely that is the time when you want to be enjoying your open spaces, rather than facing weeks of mud and dust before you get the loungers out and sit back with your G&T.  So why not get going now?

There are many advantages to getting the main building works in place over the Autumn and Winter, and while the worst weather might cause some delay, there is no reason why you can’t do the bulk of your hard landscaping in the colder months.  I’ve asked our skilled garden paving contractors in Cambridge what can and cannot be done in the winter months.

Working in the Winter

Winter is an ideal time to build landscape structures.  It gives them a chance to settle into place and it allows the plants in or around them to become established before they start to grow and blossom in the warmer weather.

This is particularly important for young trees and shrubs, as well as for ponds.  Also, although works can get muddy, the problems of dust from grinders can be less severe if the weather is damper (you will also annoy your neighbours less if you do this noisy work when doors and windows are shut).  Of course, there are some conditions where winter work is less ideal, but East Anglia with its milder climate has fewer weather-related challenges than most other parts of the country.

Cold weather challenges

There are certain conditions where outside building work will need to be paused.  Mortar (cement) does not appreciate really cold weather: frost can interfere with the curing of the cement, and it causes water to freeze and swell breaking the bonds with the brickwork.   A newly built wall will need to be knocked down and re-built after a hard overnight frost.  So your builder will need to keep an eye on the forecast.  Wet weather can wash out the cement, so good weather protection is needed to protect against this.  But once the cement is set, it’s resilient to all that nature throws at it.

Build dry

Some paving solutions don’t need cement at all.  Paving slabs and concrete setts can be set into compacted sharp sand, though will last longer if set over a concrete base.  This is a more tricky technique, but scuseme paving contractors in Cambridge have all the skills and experience to deliver a bang-up job.

Resilient material

Certain paving material is especially durable and resilient to poor weather.  Slate and limestone have been around for millions of years already so a few more in your garden won’t trouble it. Porcelain and terra cotta is clay-based and so more brittle but is very resilient to weather and changing temperatures.  Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned or textured to resemble other materials like brick, stone, tile, or even wood.  It is probably the most common and cheapest form of paving available.  And it is very tough. But ask your merchant if you have particular requirements for the finish.  Here are some popular options:

Concrete – a good budget material, providing simple, durable paving

Contemporary concrete patio

Brick – slip-resistant, environmentally friendly, durable, easy to maintain, and affordable

Brick patio offset against a brick wall

Gravel – great option on a small budget and especially good on driveways

Gravel & brick for a rustic look
Gravel & paving for a modern feel









Natural stone – such as Indian sandstone, limestone, granite, and slate for a natural look though can be costly.

Contemporary slate patio

Porcelain – virtually maintenance-free, requiring no sealing and far easier to clean than natural stone.

Modern porcelain patio

Cobbles and setts – a great option for breaking up your garden with a more irregular surface.

Cobble sett design alongside paving (Photo credit: Elisabeth the Florist)

Tiles – fun, bold, and contemporary

Colourful outdoor tiles (Photo credit: Granada Tile Cement)

A recently completed project by one of our scuseme recommended pavers for a central Cambridge city garden.








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What the customer had to say:

My city garden was tired and I wanted to have it completely landscaped but wasn’t sure how. The scuseme recommended paving contractor came round and had some great ideas of what he could do and was really inspiring. The transformation of my garden is amazing and I love it! The quality of his and his builders’ workmanship is superb and they were a pleasure to have around plus very tidy and considerate. I would highly recommend based on the excellent job he has done. He is clearly able to turn his hand to anything! 

Sarah Curry, Cambridge

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