What does a handyman do?

20 jobs a local handyman will do

We receive lots of enquiries for our handyman services in and around Cambridge and often the question starts with “We are looking for someone who….”

So obviously there is a grey area to the question, “What does a handyman do?” but the answer is simple. What they do depends on the handyman.

Some only are happy to take on the smaller, short-term jobs, while others – many qualified builders – will be happy doing bigger projects. That’s why we check carefully to match the request with the required skills and qualifications of all our handymen so you can trust our recommendations.  But more importantly, double-check and clearly outline your job when you first talk to them so that neither of you wastes precious time.

Common – and not so common – household problems

I’m pretty sure that once you find a good handyman you will have them on speed dial.  That’s because they can deal with so many common household problems, and even some you may not have even thought of.

Here are some of the enquiries we have dealt with over the last couple of months.

What does a handyman do? 


  • Banister and shelf
  • Bike stand
  • Velux blinds
  • Loose roller blinds.

Minor plumbing jobs

  • Repair leak from a bathroom which is dripping into the kitchen & damaged ceiling
  • Tiling and grouting small bathroom
  • Replace white sealant around a shower tray.


  • Fix screws into a crumbly wall


  • Unblock and repair outside drain.


  • Install linoleum
  • Sand and repair a wooden floor.


  • Mount TV securely with wires hidden
  • Replace a door handle on some sliding doors
  • Move a towel drying rack.


  • Build a simple loft hatch
  • Repair and insulate the glass at the top of the conservatory
  • Repair the inside front doorstep with a big gap which creates a draught.

Garden jobs

  • Install decking over steps to include a space to store garden furniture.
  • Replace rotten windowsill
  • Replace a fence.

what does a handyman do? build fences

And remember….

A handyman can often carry out minor plumbing and small electrical jobs (requiring no certification).  For anything major, or that needs certification you must enlist the services of an accredited plumber, gas engineer or fully qualified electrician.

These are just a few of the jobs that you may want to call out your handyman.  But they are a talented lot and can do so much more.  If you’re in any doubt about what they can do just ask us and we’ll do our best to find a local handyman who can help you.

Dawn Giesler, is the founder of scuseme Cambridge, an online marketplace that connects you with personally vetted tradespeople in your community.  She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advice based on her own experiences.  For more information visit scuseme
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