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Making an appointments is sometimes difficult, so the convenience of reliable mobile services can be a lifesaver.  You may be just too busy, work unsociable hours, are elderly, a commuter or a frequent traveller. Perhaps you prefer the privacy of your own home for a particular treatment or may simply want to treat yourself.  Whatever your reason, a mobile service that comes to you at home or in your workplace, can provide the perfect solution.  I spent some time discovering what mobile Cambridge has to offer by speaking to business owners and drawing on my own experiences.

Home visits

I remember how after I ran in the London Marathon some year ago, I  could barely walk the next day.  Fortunately I booked a home sports massage.  It was the best thing I did and I was so grateful for the relief it provided.  There are of course many other types of massage.  I spoke to Tania, a qualified Jing massage therapist who only delivers her services in the privacy of your home.  She says, “I believe that massage not only helps on a physical level, but is also deeply beneficial on a spiritual, mental and emotional level.  Working in a space you are totally relaxed delivers better results. It’s especially good for working with babies and pregnancy.” I must say that as a solo entrepreneur building my business and running a family, I can get quite stressed, so this sounds like a great investment.

There are other mobile services that you may prefer to undertake in the privacy of your own home for several reasons. Feet spring to mind.  Many people, especially the elderly suffer with foot problems, such as ingrown toenails, fungal nails, corns and calluses.   Tricia explained that: “Many of my customers are elderly and quite a few rely on public transport.  Finding the services of a foot care expert is a godsend because for this demographic, a home visit is very often the only real solution.”

Mobile beauty

Unsurprisingly hair and beauty mobile services thrive in Cambridge.  With 51 colleges and five universities, there are lots of proms and therefore prom preparation. Of course, Cambridge boasts many fine and award-winning hair salons, but there is a leaning preference for getting ready at home and sharing the experience with friends. Mobile beauticians that can bring the glamour of gorgeous lashes, fabulous make-up, special up-dos and golden glow tans to your home are in big demand at this time.

On the Cambridge Parents Facebook Group there are often requests for recommendations for mobile hairdressers.  Finding someone who can do the whole family at the same time, babies, children and parents can resolve many things.  There are many reasons: children who struggle to sit still in a salon, clients who are unwell or sometimes it is simply a matter of logistics, a mobile solution is the answer.   Speaking to Lisa, who has been hairdressing in Cambridge for over 16 years, she say: “My business gives me real security because I have built a good reputation over many years.  It’s a business that I can control my time etc yet I can be creative.  I also love that I build lasting relationships.”

Mobile beauty also applies to our pets. And as a pet loving nation there is a vast business that supports them.  My mother in law’s dog, unlike my two mutts, requires regular grooming.  However, making two round trips by car to her nearest pet parlour just isn’t convenient, especially planning the two or three hours wait in between. Instead she uses a mobile groomer who comes to her home.  It’s a fantastic solution as she enjoys the pampering sessions and has a lovely friendship with her pet-groomer.

On your bike

Cambridge is already the UK’s number one place for cycling and encouraging more people to ‘get on their bike’ particularly to commute to work is a priority. Official reports say that approximately 30% of Cambridge residents cycle to work (we top the national charts with Oxford taking 2nd place with 17%).  I’m not the most confident cyclist but my bike is my main means of getting around, significantly because of the safe cycling routes.  And with our continued investment in the cycling infrastructure, there’s no excuse to not get on your bike.  Unless, of course, it’s not working.  So, as a model city for cyclists, Cambridge has lots and lots of bike repair shops, but for some people, it is still difficult to fit in a repair.

Throughout Cambridge there are some entrepreneurial mobile bike repair businesses that take out contracts with companies with a lot of employees who commute by bike.  These on-site repairs are valued by employees and seen as a job-perk.  Nevertheless, whether at home or in your workplace, mobile repairs are useful.

It would be great if all mobile services could use bikes as their preferred mode of transportation to reduce their carbon footprint, but you can’t get everything.  Mind you if you live or work within a two-mile radius of Stir Bakery on Chesterton Road delivers white, whole meal, sourdough, or corn and linseed gluten-free bakes. All delivered on a bike.

Mobile services - stir bakery Cambridge


A recent report reveals that approximately 37% of people are travelling into Cambridge to work by car.  Coupled with the GCP forecast a significant area growth over the next 30 years, there will be a massive impact on the traffic network.  Nevertheless, it seems that cars are here to stay – more likely electric and more environmentally sound.  Against this background I discovered a mobile car wash business that set up in Cambridge in April 2019 and promises to, “Make your vehicle look and feel like it just rolled of the showroom floor and save our planet at the same time.”   I spoke to Paul of Waterless Car, and he explains, “We use our new eco-compatible active ingredients, no water and only 200 ml of solution to clean your car.  We’re committed to helping the environment.”

So if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain……

Here is a list of the local mobile services that I reached out to for additional information:

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