Smiling for the community

Community effort – scuseme at 3

scuseme in numbers – a community effort

Coming up to three years is exciting and marks a significant milestone for scuseme.  We are building a useful community of trusted tradespeople in and around Cambridge.  Furthermore, our next ambition is to expand to cover a wider geographic area, add more trader categories and launch our secure payment platform.

To mark the occasion I had some new branding photos taken.  I love my work and three years on I’m still smiling (well most of the time).  The photo was taken by the talented Jasmine who really captured what my business means to me and how it makes me feel, and our growing community of tradespeople and home services.

So here is scuseme in numbers.

Dawn Giesler, is the founder of scuseme Cambridge, an online marketplace that helps your family run smoothly. She has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years and offers advise based on her own experiences. For more information visit scuseme



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