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How to avoid plumbing disasters at home in Cambridge this winter

I arranged for one of our scuseme plumbers and heating engineers to come and repair a dripping tap and carry out an annual check of our central heating system, which can be temperamental in the winter when there is more demand on its use.  And with my family visiting this Christmas I don’t want any problems.  I know that in Cambridge arctic conditions are a rarity, but even a short spell of bad weather can cause major problems, so it is better to be prepared.  You don’t want to end up like All Bar One in Cambridge, flooding just weeks before Christmas.

It’s the perfect time to plan to protect your home from burst pipes and other watery crises as winter approaches.  I spoke to our plumbers and heating engineers for advice. They suggested the following:

Protect your pipes from freezing

When temperatures plummet, water can easily freeze inside pipes, causing them to burst. If you’re out of the house or unaware of a burst pipe, the results can be disastrous.  To reduce the risk of frozen pipes, wrap those that are exposed to the cold in a blanket of foam. You can purchase foam tubes with a slit on the side at most hardware stores. Use duct tape to secure if the foam does not have self-adhesive edges.

Look for hard water sediment

Unfortunately, Cambridge has hard water (meaning it has high levels of dissolved salts) so sediment can build up in your tank, causing rust to develop inside. This rust can then find its way into your drinking, cooking and bathing water.  Do check your hot water heater and if is rusted or is too old, you may wish to consider getting a new one before cold weather sets in.

Check for leaks

This is a good time to get leaks repaired. Check all the taps in your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room for drips and puddles. If you  have any leaky taps, contact a trusted plumber immediately to make the necessary repairs.

Pack away your garden hose

Disconnect, wrap up and pack away your garden hose until the warm weather returns because a hose connected outside in winter can cause  water left inside to freeze and expand, freezing your taps and  connecting pipes as well.

Protect all other pipes exposed to the cold

Check lagging pipes and taps on external walls, in the loft, in the  garage and in unheated rooms.

Finding a solution can be a hassle.  scuseme can put you in touch with local, vetted and experienced plumbers and heating engineers who can  help you with any problems or concerns, but this is their busiest period  so book early to avoid disappointment or expensive emergency call out  rates.

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