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Cambridge Town and Country Fair: 6 things you should know

All the fun of the fair

One of my favourite events in Cambridge is the Cambridge Town and Country Fair when for two days rural life is brought into the heart of the city. Uncertain weather is all part of the experience, though sunshine certainly helps.  So don your wellies, dust off that Barbour and saddle your pony (though cycling is as easy) and get down to the idyll that is Parker’s Piece scuseme cambridge town and country show I met with Emma Owen, who runs Oakleigh Fairs, and she was happy to share with scuseme members some fascinating things about the Cambridge Town and Country Fair.  We hope you are enlightened.

1) The show is now in its 11th year and the inspiration behind it was the old Heavy Horse Show that used to take place on Midsummer Common,  as well as the old Victorian/Tudor Fairs that used to take place on  Parker’s Piece itself.

2) Parker’s Piece is one-mile square, making the run of marquees that run along the length of Regent’s Terrace, nearly ¼ mile long!  

3) Parker’s Piece is officially turned into a farm for the duration of the show, with its very own CPH (County Parish Holding) Number.

4) The fare hosts one of the largest collections of steam engines and farm machinery – both scale and full-size models on show in an urban environment.  
cambridge Town & Country Fair & scuseme
5) The fair receives absolutely no public funding whatsoever.

6) The organisers were both brought up and went to school in Cambridge as did their children – so this show is very close to their hearts!

The Cambridge Town and Country Fair is a free event and takes place on 10th / 11th June on Parker’s Piece.

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