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Home improvement plans: 4 steps to your dream home

Four steps to turn your home improvement plans into a reality

Whether it is to make small home improvements, get the garden sorted or start an exciting building project, it is important to take the time to lay down the foundations to turn your ideas into a reality. But successful ideas don’t happen by accident.  So here are some tips to help you on your way.   And these are particularly pertinent in Cambridge where there is a huge demand for good reliable tradespeople and home service experts.

  1. Give yourself time

Good tradespeople are busy and will operate with a waiting list.   Plan your project well in advance so you can schedule in the tradespeople you want.   They are always worth the wait.  One of our recommended builders said: “With such a huge demand for builders in Cambridge, there is an influx of substandard operators who give the industry a bad name.  They get away with it because people are desperate to get their work done in the shortest period.  I would tell anyone to question carefully anyone who is available for immediate work and check thoroughly their credentials.”

  1. Meet with at least three traders

For any major project see at least three tradespeople.  Even if you really like the first person do not commit.  Getting at least three quotes will give you a better idea as to the value you are getting in the local market place and leverage with negotiating on the quote.

  1. Find someone local

Lower transport costs, local knowledge, local contacts and suppliers, trade discounts on local supplies and better time keeping with few traffic jams – especially in the Cambridge rush hour.  The list is endless, but one of our customers summed it up perfectly: “If you know you are going to bump into your builder at the local pub or any other local event because they are part of your community, the likelihood is that they are going to want to do a good job.  They’ll have their reputation to look after.  I wouldn’t feel happy using someone who can just disappear after the work is done.”

  1. Take the time to check reviews and follow-up recommendations

Don’t skip this step, even if you get details of your suppliers from a reputable site, such as Scuseme.  Check out all the reviews and recommendations, indeed the best thing to do – essential on a building project – is to get out at look at projects they have completed in the local area and speak to their past customers.

Whatever project you have in mind, you will feel more in control if you plan and take plenty of time to find the right people, then achieving your 2017 resolutions will come easily.

Scuseme connects you with independent and reliable tradespeople and home service experts in Cambridge.

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