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If scuseme can help out Santa, we can do the same for you!

There’s nothing worse than your best Christmas plans going wrong. A broken cooker, leaking roof, no central heating – it’s the last thing you need at the best time of the year.

But there’s one man who really can’t afford for things to go wrong at Christmas. A man who can’t fail in his mission to deliver presents the world over. At some point on Christmas Eve, he’ll be flying over Cambridge but don’t worry Santa – scuseme has you covered!

Just like Santa and his elves, we’ve been busy all year.  We’ve put together a great team of recommended local traders in the Cambridge area. We know they can be trusted to meet your needs and care about their customers – because we’ve checked them out.

Santa’s bumpy ride in Cambridge

So, picture the scene on Christmas Eve. Santa arrives in Cambridge – he’s done it every year, but even for a man of his experience, the night might not go to plan…

He couldn’t find any parking on Round Church Street – so he landed on someone’s roof and damaged their tiles. Never mind, scuseme knows some great roofers. Problem solved!

He’d heard that Gwydir Street is the friendliest street in town – but on his way there his sleigh took the top off a neighbour’s tree. Never mind, scuseme knows some great tree surgeons. Problem solved!

Delivering presents is hungry work so Santa stopped off at Mill Road for a takeaway – but he was in such a hurry for a curry he managed to snap of the wooden runners on his sleigh. Never mind, scuseme knows some great carpenters. Problem solved!

But while his sleigh was being repaired, how was he going to deliver his presents to the children of Cambridge? Fortunately, scuseme knows some great ‘man with a van’ drivers. Once again, the problem solved!

scuseme can help, all year round

And so the story ends. With a little help from scuseme, Santa left Cambridge fixed up and good as new – and the repairs were done so quickly the neighbours didn’t even know. Let’s hope the rest of his night goes a lot more smoothly!

The good news for Cambridge is that, unlike Santa, scuseme is here all year round. If you need to find a recommended trader, scuseme can help.

scuseme can help - aga repairs

Merry Christmas from us!

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