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How to keep your dinner party simple and tasty

We all love the idea of inviting friends and family over for dinner but sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. Preparing menus, elaborate table settings, and of course, the cooking can leave us feeling more frazzled than a slice of back bacon.  We consulted with the fabulous Maurizio of Maurizio’s Dining & Co on Mill Road in Cambridge. He is a chef who has a real understanding of food and wine, especially traditional Italian cuisine, so perfect to get some advice on how to prepare a stress-free dinner party.   Maurizio says:

“Entertaining at home should be fun, relaxing, and full of delicious food.”

Here are my top five tips for keeping your dinner party simple and tasty.

Dinner party – 5 steps to success

1 Atmosphere

Think about the reason for your dinner party. Is it a celebration, an informal event, or more to impress? Then plan your night accordingly with a subtle theme, table settings, colours, centerpiece, and music.


2 Detail

Such as freshly ironed napkins, polished silverware & glassware, and thoughtful lighting can add to the ambiance of a great dinner party. We all want our guests to feel relaxed, a little bit spolit and special. Show you have made an effort.

3 Menu

Keep it simple, seasonal, local, and fresh. Prepare as much as possible beforehand or hire in caterers so you don’t have to leave the dinner table.


4 Timing

Allow plenty of time for guests to chat between courses and let the dinner party flow at a natural pace.

5 Relax

Avoid getting flustered or overwhelmed in the kitchen by asking for help prior to your dinner party – experts or friends can offer advice.

dinner party success

Maurizio’s catering experience accommodates intimate dinner parties right up to special bespoke corporate events.


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