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7 essential things that will make your UCAS personal statement stand out

Writing a UCAS personal statement for your university application is one of the most important pieces of writing that you will produce.

It is the only way in which a creative, subjective element can be added to your application alongside the factual data of exam results, university course choices etc.

Admissions tutors read personal statements and are influenced by them….so they matter.

So where to start and what to avoid? It is so important that care and attention are applied to the writing of the statement and Scuseme’s certain do’s and don’ts which, if followed will help you produce a stronger standout statement.

UCAS personal statement – 7 ways to stand out

1. Make your  UCAS personal statement PERSONAL – It must feel individual and personal.

2. Avoid clichés and beware instant fix online personal statements – Universities can spot these and are not impressed by a rehash of somebody else’s work.

3. Demonstrate that you have the passion, skills, and commitment needed to succeed on the course – The admissions tutor of your chosen subject needs to be convinced.

4. Get the balance right – Between 1/3 and 1/2 of the 4000 characters should focus on your subject.

5. Support your claims with plenty of evidence – Too often students make sweeping assertions not backed up by any proof.

6. Spell out gap year benefits – If you are taking a ‘gap year’ time and space must be spent explaining how the experiences of that year complement the application.

7. SAPAG – Spelling and Punctuation and Grammar check.

Produced by Richard Perry, Scuseme Tutor Coordinator.  Richard has recently retired from being Head of Sixth Form at a large, successful comprehensive school in Cambridgeshire. During his 25 years in this post, Richard was responsible for 110-120 each application cycle. Thus he is well aware of what is needed for a successful university application. Richard continues to advise students and parents and he follows developments in the application system to ensure that he is in line with current practices.

If you find you still need help Scuseme offers a unique tutoring service geared towards developing an outstanding Personal Statement.  It includes:

  • A one-hour one-to-one consultation that focuses on your chosen degree, your personal qualities, and your skills and hobbies.
  • A full review of your draft statement which marked and assessed for its strengths and weaknesses.
  • A final consultation that results in a UCAS ready personal statement that best reflects your best qualities and personality as apt for your chosen degree.

SCUSEME INTRODUCTORY PRICE £35 for a 2-hour UCAS Personal Statement consultation 

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  1. “Make your personal statement PERSONAL – It must feel individual and personal.” Totally agree. I also have read that giving your personal statement to your family or friends to read is really good thing to do. Because they can tell you whether your personal statement sound like. Thanks for an article, guys!

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